Vaccine mandate for large businesses faces major test in Supreme Court

Vaccine mandate for large businesses

Vaccine mandate for large businesses faces major test in Supreme Court biden administration’s vaccine or test mandate for large businesses facing a major hurdle in the u.s supreme court abc’s white house correspondent mary alice parks joins us now from washington with the latest mary alice good morning good morning the administration arguing that these two new federal rules are essential for saving lives and keeping workplaces safe as this pandemic rages on the first rule would require that all employers with more than a hundred workers mandate vaccinations or conduct regular testing of unvaccinated workers the second rule is aimed specifically at healthcare workers and it would mandate that anyone treating medicare or medicaid patients be vaccinated with very limited exceptions yesterday in front of the supreme court the administration insisted that the government has an obligation to protect workers now those opposing the rules argued that they amount to government overreach they made the case that mandates should be left to the states and they argue that if these rules were allowed to go into effect there could be people quitting on a large scale now we expect the justices to weigh and quickly here the rule would essentially go into effect next month and this comes as the administration has secured its first contract for its plan to buy 500 million at home test to send to americans for free we’ll be tracking that closely and looking for when exactly those will go out and the president was asked yesterday too if he thought that covid was here to stay he said no that he did not think this was a new normal in this country but he did say that it is hot possible that covid and its variants would stay in the environment and the world for the foreseeable future eva marius parks for us there in washington.

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