Omicron concerns weigh heavy on Wall Street

Omicron concerns weigh heavy on Wall Street

the australian dollar has dropped fiveand a half percent in a month ascommodity prices have fallen and the usdollar is strengthened because the u.sfederal reserve is coming over allhawkish as they say it seems only amatter of time now before the aussie hasa six in front of it again and the ideathat the fed will soon stop stimulatingthe economy is also weighing on wallstreet along with omicronit was down more than one percent lastnight and that had an impact here aswell

woolworths has jumped into theauction for the owner of pricelinepharmacies australian pharmaceuti

calindustries with a bit of a dollarseventy five a share giving west farmerssomething to think about west farmer’slast bid agreed by the api board was adollar fifty fiveafter pay fell six percent after theydeferred the vote on the offer from theamerican company square which ischanging his name to block of all thingswhich the market didn’t like one bit andslashed its price by

six percent as wellcoles is being sued by the fair and workombudsman for underpaying workers by 115million dollars and macquarie hasappointed former reserve bank governorglenn stevens as chairmantoday’s morsel of economic data washousing loan approvals and the news isthat investors are making a big comebackat the same time as owner occupiers andfirst home buyers are starting to peeloff and leave them to itand finally a bit of a follow-up onyesterday’s national

accounts look atthe difference in saving between thepandemic downturn and the gfc 13 yearsago savings were being eaten but thistime governments have maintained incomesand it’s been saved because we haven’tbeen able to go outand that’s financethanks for watching you can check outmore finance news by clicking there anddon’t forget to click subscribe downthere to get all the latest updates fromabc news

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